#GMBPosterPro The Only GMB Scheduling Tool You Need

We all know that content is the ultimate weapon in any digital marketers arsenal.

We also know that you need to keep Google sweet with the latest ‘dance’ moves.

GMB Poster Pro is the equivalent of a Google Dance Off!

By being able to effortlessly produce and post regular, highly optimised content, not only will you knock all of the opposition out of the competition, but Google will let you take centre stage in the process.

Schedule Unlimited Daily Posts To Unlimited GMB Listings

Automatically Save All GMB Post URLs

SkyRocket GMB Listing Engagement

GMB Poster Pro

THE #1 GMB Scheduling Tool You Need

Effortlessly Increase Google My Business Listing Engagement

Fed up of spending too much time creating your GMB posts? Even for the speediest of people, there’s a fair amount of time ‘lost’ on creating your copy, finding images and then uploading them. Even worse if you manage more than one listing!

Just think of all the things you could be doing if you only had a handy tool to help you save time on this...

SkyRocket Your GMB Engagement ´With´ GMB Poster Pro

Create Unlimited Client Listings To Offer Pro GMB Posting As A Service

Create Multiple Highly Optimised GMB Listings To Target More Localised And Specialised Customers

Google My Business Scheduling Software

The theory of running a digital marketing agency or business, is always very different from the reality of it. Many of our tasks look far quicker and more simple on paper than they do in real life.

Now that any digital marketer worth their salt realises that GMB posting is a fundamental part of any local SEO strategy, GMB posts are keeping us all pretty busy.

But I don't know how many hours I have lost over the years, trying to post to Google an image or copy that just won't let me play, and I doubt I'm the only one that this happens to so you can probably relate to this too, right?

Many of us manage the online activity for clients which means that we have this headache over and over again - suckers for punishment eh??

But good news guys (and gals!). The GMB Poster Pro takes most of the monotony out of this for you so you can keep hold of what little sanity you have left.

Here’s some insight on how you can use it...

  • Effortlessly manage unlimited Google My Business listings,
  • Schedule Google My Business Posts,
  • Use personally or for unlimited clients,
  • Provide a DFY GMB posting service to new and existing clients,
  • COMPLETELY unrestricted GMB posting for as many posting updates as you like,
  • Post plenty of post types to unlimited GMBs
  • Post as many times as you like each day.
  • Database driven Login System.
  • Import Unlimited Profiles via csv file import feature.
  • Automatically saves all post URLs.
  • Export post urls to csv file - Manually Upload to Google Sheets.
  • Export post urls to RSS Feed Format.
  • Post images / videos / content / links.
  • Make each post unique with content Spintax enabled
  • Increase local and niche relevance with GMB post silo'ing.
Manage Unlimited GMB Listings

Google My Business Posting Groundhog Day

Nobody wants to be spending their life in Groundhog Day but if you’re doing the same things OVER and OVER again that’s exactly what it feels like.

That’s not a life and it’s not really a good business strategy either. Anything you’re working on which could be sped up, is as good as burning your hard earned cash.

And I’ll kinda wager that you’d be pretty happy to make more money wouldn’t you?

On that note, let’s look at an example of unnecessary time wasting - and seeing as we’re talking of sanity, let’s use marbles just for fun…

Your family are visiting including your toddler nephew - he’s playing marbles and they’re absolutely everywhere!

At tidy time, he is picking them up, one by one and walking all the way over to the tub at the other side of the room then all the way back over to the next marble to pick it up.

There also ‘just happens’ to be a toy dustpan and brush, that he’s actually stepping over to get from the tub to the marbles.

He’s collected a fair few now so he’s getting into it, but he’s now seen the cars and wants to play with those. His mum reminds him that the toy cars can be played with once the marbles are tidied away.

He speeds up a bit more but his mind is firmly on the next game.

This is almost painful for you to watch, so, you being the fine specimen of a human being that you are, you show him how to use the dustpan and brush to sweep up the marbles, AND you bring the tub over to him so he doesn’t have to search for it each time.

Only two minutes later after he’s mastered how to use his new tools to not only collect the goods but to also know exactly where to put them.

He’s cleaning up! Literally!

And this could be you.

No more getting yourself all tied up with a manual GMB posting process, thinking about the list of tasks waiting for you to get to them when you can have the GMB Pro Poster doing it all for you!

No more wasting your time, or as time is money, burning your money.

Opportunities To Attract New Potential Customers

Extra time equates to extra opportunities to attract new potential customers. How many more clients can you take on if you have a tool which hugely speeds up and simplifies your processes?

The monthly subscription costs a negligible amount to pay each month anyway but with any new business cost, I always like to ask myself how many extra services do I need to sell to get a return.

In terms of offering a done for you service creating posts on Google My Business for example, it’s not uncommon for around $500 to be charged per month. Deduct the $67 subscription amount and you have a profit of $433 AS WELL AS still having more time on your hands to take on even more clients because of the time you’ll save by using the posting tools vs manually posting.

Even if you don’t offer this as a service, but you’re needing to post regularly yourself, that time saving will increase your bottom line.

If you look at what one hour of your time is charged out at, this tool costs less than 1-2 hours of your time, yet it will easily save you a good few hours each day.

Short of coming round there and actually doing your work for you, I can’t get much more helpful than that can I guys?

Well actually, I can.

Because not only do you get the GMB Pro Poster, for a limited time, you get two more tools totally free with it.

Buy One Tool, Get Two Free!

Use The Best Selling Tools In GMB Pro Poster’s 3 Pack To Get Into Google’s 3 Pack!

With all purchases of GMB Pro before XX date, you’ll also receive the Google Q&A Software and GetLocal - the two perfect tools to effortlessly find great quality local content to use in the GMB Pro Poster. These two tools would usually cost you XX each so this is a total monthly saving of XX amount!

Never will the subject of your post content creation be a problem again!

You now have a fair idea of how much time you could save with GMB Pro Poster, but we all know what an UTTER chore it is to come up with content ideas. It could drive the sanest of people to the depths of despair as it feels like we’re on loop, forever trying to re-purpose the content we’ve already covered.

Well not any more with the Google Q&A Software.

Ask Google A Simple Question

Google Question & Answer Tool

Get Unlimited Questions & Answer Ideas Back

Google Question & Answer Tool


If you’re going to be posting to Google on a very regular basis, it kind of makes sense to know in advance what's that audience wants to see right?

And as if by magic, I have a tool for this very thing…

The Google Q&A tool is exactly what it says on the tin - it's a tool for finding out exactly what questions people are asking Google so you can create posts which show up.

No guesswork.

No hoping you're in the right ballpark.

No more throwing the same old content together yet again because you've run out of ideas.

This is you actually knowing exactly what questions are asked for in Google searches on your topic and is completely current.

This opens up SO many possibilities for you which we’ll not go into right now as we’ll be here all day, so let’s just look at the main benefit…

You’ll be so clued up on what people want to know about your industry and product TODAY that you’ll always show up in those search results with your optimised content.

Simply run the tool, check out the results, which are ordered by the most frequently asked questions, pick one and GO - you’re not only on rails but you’re on far better-educated rails than your peers.

Who’s going to stand out in that digital crowd if they just happen to be answering Google’s most frequently asked questions on your product or service?

Every single post can now have a clear target.

If that isn’t enough, here’s 6 ways you can put the tool to great use to bring in extra moolah too and get a little more creative with it as well as...

  • THE #1 Software Tool For Google Questions & Answers
  • Create An Endless Stream Of FAQs For GMB Listings
  • Find 100´s of easy to rank keywords for your YouTube videos,
  • Effortlessly build product FAQs for greater search engine rankings,
  • Generate sales and landing page ideas if you build & optimize websites,
  • Let Google provide real-time ideas for your content for your SEO services,
  • Content writers need never have writers block again,
  • Get an endless stream of current content ideas for Social Media Accounts

And the best bit is that it’s free with GMB Poster Pro.

Ooh that sounds SO good when you put it like that doesn’t it!

But we’ve still not finished yet - there’s even more to come in this veritable feast of toolage guys…

The second free tool - GetLocal. Simply run this tool to find UNLIMITED local relevant places of interest ideas for your GMB posts.

Find Unlimited Places of Interest With GetLocal

If you are regularly posting to GMB listings, you'll already be very aware that Google will always choose locality first and from those listings will prioritise the ones which have the most relevant content.

GetLocal is your way of sitting at the front of the class with exactly what the teacher has asked you for, before she’s even set your assignment - you may as well change your name to Smarty Pants right now!

Google will always be happy to see content on your listing to back up that you’re a real business in the location the user is searching, so you’ll happily show up pride of place in the correct Google My Business locations.

But I’m pretty sure you don’t actually want to trawl the internet for local points of interest to keep the Big G sweet - especially if you’re dealing with multiple locations.

Luckily for you, you won’t have to...


  • With GetLocal you can easily save local places of interest for any city from Google Maps,
  • All information, including Business Name, Website URL, Address, Phone Number, Primary GMB Category, iFrame embed code & Short URL is automatically saved to an output CSV file
  • Easily find local places of interest to link out to from your GMBs, Websites & Social Media accounts,
  • Source local city images in one click,
  • Produces two short pieces of content about your chosen city location,
  • Include Local Bars, Local Hotels, Local Restaurants & Local Landmarks
  • Find local YouTube Video URLS, titles and video tags,
GetLocal Softwarte - By Mass Optimizer


The amount of local relevancy you will build for your websites, Social Media Profiles and GMB Listings by linking out to places in Google Maps about your local area will absolutely skyrocket.

It’s known that their positive effects on your listing and Local website pages are long lasting, so imagine the longer term impact of regularly posting perfectly sourced local content to yours and your clients business listings.

Google will be putty in your hands!

With these three tools together, you’re going to do some serious damage to your to-do lists and can totally transform your business.


  • You will be flooded with perfectly relevant content ideas on what to post using the Google Q&A tool,
  • You can then post that content ridiculously easily using GMB Poster Pro
  • You can trump that beautifully by adding locally relevant information provided by GetLocal.


I'm almost starting to feel sorry for your competitors now - they don't stand a chance against the onslaught of dangerously relevant content your new arsenal of tools is letting you create without even breaking a sweat!

That results page is as good as yours so don’t waste any time guys!

This ‘Three Pack Offer’ isn’t going to be around forever though - just until I change my mind so jump on and get this powerful trio before their full price appears again.

Built-in Bonuses

Mass Optimizer Pro Added Bonus Utilities

As Full-time Internet Marketers ourselves we know that most so called 'Bonuses' are just an excuse to waste your valuable time, a distraction at best. That's why, instead, we decided to add Built-in Bonus Tools to the software - with more being added on a regular basis - to keep you focused and take your marketing to new heights.

Free Image Resizing Utility

Easily Resize a Single

Image or Resize Bulk Images

Overwrite Existing Files

Save Files in New Folder

Resize by Aspect Ratio or

Resize by Height & Width

Free Image Cleaner Utility

Effortlessly Delete All Existing EXIF Data From .JPG Images

Clean a Single Image

Clean Bulk Images in Folders

Overwrite Existing Image(s)

Save Images to New Folder

Download Any Image & Make It Your Own

Free .PNG To .JPG Image Converter

Convert A Single Image

Convert Images In Bulk

Download Any Image & Make It Your Own

Save Files in New Folder

Upload To GMBs or Your Website As Your Own Image

Google Map Embed Spinner - For Mass Page Website Builds

Simply Mix Google Map Embed Codes

Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes

Add Different Google Maps to Campaigns

Copy/Paste Push Button Easy

Perfect Syntax Every Time Copy/Paste

Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

Youtube Embed Spinner - For Mass Page Website Builds

Easily Spin Embed YouTube Syntax

Quickly Mix YouTube Embed Codes

Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes

Add Different YouTube Videos to Campaigns

Copy/Paste Push Button Easy

Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

Facebook Embed Spinner - For Mass Page Website Builds

Create Facebook Post Embed Syntax

Mix Facebook Embed Codes on the fly

Add Unlimited iFrame Embed Codes

Add Different Facebook Posts to Campaigns

Copy/Paste Push Button Easy

Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

Twitter Embed Spinner - For Mass Page Website Builds

Easily Create Tweet Embed Code Syntax

Add Unlimited Twitter Embed Codes

Copy/Paste Push Button Easy

Perfect Syntax Every Time

Copy/Paste Syntax Into Money Robot

Copy/Paste Syntax Into Mass Page Builders

If you act RIGHT NOW, You Can Download #GMBPoster Pro Instantly

PLUS All The Bonus Products Mentioned Above

$ 67 .00 Monthly
  • 100% Unrestricted GMB Posting

  • FREE Google Question & Answer Software License

  • FREE GetLocal Software License

  • Effortlessly Manage Unlimited GMB Listings
  • Proxies Supported IP:Port:Username:Password
  • Use Personally or For Unlimited Clients
  • Provide A DFY GMB Posting Service To New & Existing Clients
  • Post As Many Times As You Like Each Day
  • Database Driven Login System
  • Automatically Saving All Post URLs
  • Post Images / Videos / Content / Links
  • Make Each Post Unique With Content Spintax Enabled
  • Increase Local & Niche Relevance With GMB Post Silo'ing
  • All Future Updates FREE
Subscription Details
$ 97 .00 (Then $67 Monthly)
  • First Payment of $164

  • Then Monthly Payments of $67 Until Cancellation

  • GMB Poster Pro

Frequently Asked Question

Is this Windows only software?

No, We have members using #GMBPosterPro software on VPS's & Mac's.

Do you have a Refund Policy

Yes of course! You have 2 Days to try out #GMBPoster Software. If you feel it's not for you simply contact our Supprt Desk and we will refund you in full and we will deactivate your account - please note that this means that your software will no longer work.

Is this a 'Black Hat' tool?

Absolutely not! The Search Engines want to know how and where to rank your content, our software facilitates that. That said any software as powerful as ours can be misused to 'game' the system. That's your call if you choose that route. We don't judge-each to their own!

Are there any Upsells or 'One Time' Offers?

No this is a stand alone offer - refreshing right?

What are the Built-in Tools you mention as Bonuses?

These are for more advanced users who use other applications like 'Money Robot' or similar Mass Content building Tools. These might not be for you right now, we get it. But other Built-in Tools are in pipeline-'Image resizer', 'Auto Youtube Uploader' and more. You will have access to all the upgrades as they are added.

Will this software make me money?

Highly ranked GMB Listing's and Websites will make you money, depending on your niche and the search terms you target. Our software will help you achieve higher rankings. But as we have no idea of your niche, how you intend to use the software or your work ethic we absolutely make no promises financial or otherwise.

This looks complicated. Do you offer Support?

100%! Over and above our 'Fast Response' Support Desk we also provide Video Training to help you get started AND we are constantly adding new Advanced Training tutorials on an ongoing basis. We also have a Facebook Group where you can ask questions, touch base with other users and get the latest Updates and News.

Do I need any other Tools or Software for this to work?

No, if you want to use the software to build relevance for your websites and campaigns then you most likely have all the necessary tools in place.